Recipe Sharing

The Social Cookbook was built to be the destination for those who would like to save and share their favorite recipes with friends, family, and coworkers.

Whether we plan out a holiday meal, a meal for our friends when they visit; or just want to make something for dinner tonight, “Food will always be at the center of our lives.” This app is built for those who want to make the art of cooking social.



– Create your own recipes
– Add images to your recipes
– Browse recipes added by others
– User generated digital cookbooks
– Import Recipes from popular cooking destinations
– Review and comment on recipes
– Visibility settings allow you to keep recipes private or share with others


– Create a profile to show off how much you like to cook
– Create a group for your family to share recipes with one another
– Share recipes with your friends and also through social media
– Friend Lists, notifications, push notifications, and messaging.
– Food based organizations can manage their recipes and share information selectively with its members.

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